Level 3: The Essence of Spiritual Realization

Your journey of developing as a coach deepens profoundly with the Advanced Coaching Program Level 3. Level 1 introduced the foundations of the Aletheia approach to unfolding through Parts Work, Process Work, and Presence Work. In Level 1 you received a new vehicle, a vehicle for unfoldment. In Level 2, you undertook a developmental inner adventure that brought wondrous experiences of the range and depth of your innate resourcefulness and creativity. In Level 3, the trip we take is a profound homecoming to your True Nature. This journey, the Journey of Spiritual Realization, requires a vehicle upgrade. In Level 3, we add Nondual Work to our coaching methodology.

There are many Nondual wisdom traditions, each with their own approach. Some approach the journey through the Mind, others through the Body, and still others predominantly through the Heart. In Aletheia, we take all three approaches.

Awakening the diamond mind

We unfold and awaken the Diamond Mind through practicing a style of transformation we call “translucence.” Through translucence, constructions of mind are made transparent and we are able to see through them to the underlying Nondual reality.

realizing the diamond body

We unfold and realize the Diamond Body through practicing a style of transformation we call “transfiguration.” Through transfiguration we address the historical divide between Spirit and matter. We embody a way of being in the world but not of the world, living in the relative world as Nondual Presence.

illuminating the diamond heart

We unfold an illuminate the Diamond Heart through practicing a style of transformation we call “Divine Translation.” This approach illuminates reality beyond the distinctions of dual and Nondual. Here we explore topics such as Enlightened ethics and Enlightened action.

The intricate dance of work and grace

No part of the unfolding journey, neither the Journey of Individuation nor the Journey of Spiritual Realization is undertaken by work and practice alone. Grace accompanies us with every step. Our work is to be ever more receptive of the Grace that is offered.