Life is an ever-deepening and unfolding journey. So is a coaching engagement. Unfolding requires the coach and client to work with exactly what is arising in the present moment as it is arising. It is a dance of work and Grace that requires the coach and client to trust that what is arising in the present moment is exactly what to work with.
— Steve March, ALETHEIA Founder

Level 1: Foundations of Unfolding

Deepening your development as a coach at ALETHEIA starts with Level 1. Level 1 is a six-month online program. It is composed of twelve 2-hour sessions with partner practice in between each session. Each session will include teaching, demonstration, practice, and Q & A. The sessions are held approximately every 2-3 weeks allowing time for practice between them. Sessions are recorded so that you can catch up if you need to miss a session or if you just want to review what happened. Participants receive two 50-minute private coaching sessions with the course leader, one during the first half and one during the second half of the course. Here is a detailed summary of what you will learn in Level 1.

session 1

This session starts with a brief history of Aletheia Coaching. We make the crucial distinction between self-improvement and self-unfoldment and explore the unique value of unfoldment for these times. We begin to differentiate the two developmental journeys that we are all on: the journey of individuation and the journey of spiritual realization and how we travel both at the same time. Then we introduce the fundamental mood of loving Truth, Beauty, and Goodness for its own sake and the paradoxical principle of Letting Be and Letting Unfold. Development is explored as a dance of work and Grace. Your homework is to uncover how this shifts your orientation to your own development and what starts to unfold as you put the core principle into practice. We will also introduce and invite you to start to practice two core somatic practices several times per week throughout the course. You will meet with a practice partner to do some related exercises and discuss what is unfolding.

session 2

Every coaching approach assumes a view of what a human being is, whether they make that explicit or not, and offers a method based on that view. In this session we introduce the view and method of Aletheia Coaching. Our view includes an understanding of ego formation based on research into childhood development. Further, our view includes an understanding of ego transformation based on research into adult development, including timeless wisdom from Nondual spiritual traditions. During this session, you will be given a guided meditation for exploring this view in your own experience and learn a central channel meditation practice that deepens your embodiment of Presence. Your homework is to practice the guided meditation several times and discuss what you experience with your practice partner. In addition, we ask that you add the central channel meditation to your weekly routine and continue that throughout the course.

session 3

In this session, we open the topic of relationship. We sometimes call Aletheia Coaching “mindfulness for two.” All development happens inside of relationship. But what kind of relationship? We explore how to form an unfolding partnership with your client and how this relationship can and must deepen in order to support the client’s ever-deepening unfoldment. Here we attend to this deepening relationship itself as the crucial holding environment for unfoldment. You will not only learn how to listen to the story your client is telling but also learn how to listen to the background of the story and how to deepen the client’s self-awareness through mirroring. Your homework will be to work with your practice partner to explore the experience of mutuality in real-time and start to practice the skills of tracking the client’s experience and offering human contact through mirroring.

Session 4

You will learn the fundamentals of Parts Work in this session. We will demonstrate how to listen for and identify Parts through noticing reactivity, separation, avoidance, attachment, and self-deficiency. We also explore how all Parts have an intention to be helpful and yet are founded on a sense of mistaken identity. You will learn how to help your clients identify their Parts. Then you will learn how to help them disidentify from their Parts and relate to them in a way that is radically accepting from Presence. Your homework will be to practice identifying your own Parts, disidentifying from them, and accepting them from Presence. And, you will also practice helping your partner do the same.

Session 5

Here we learn how to converse with Parts from Presence in such a way that Parts feel seen, loved, and valued exactly the way they are. Have you ever felt really seen by someone else? Perhaps a friend or a lover? When we feel seen, something in us melts. And that’s what happens when our Parts feel seen. They spontaneously soften, melt, relax, and release. As this occurs, Parts unfold their treasures so to speak. This can usher the conversation seamlessly into Process Work and/or Presence Work. Your homework will be to practice Parts Work with your partner with the intention to generate the feeling that the Parts you are working with feel really seen.

Session 6

In this session we make the distinction between two kinds of Parts - Hurt Parts and Protector Parts. The job of Protector Parts is to keep the Hurt Parts from being re-triggered. You will learn how to help your clients find, contact, and unfold their Hurt Parts. As this happens, we discover that Hurt Parts aren’t only hurt. In fact, they are wonderfully sensitive and wise and provide a channel to rediscovering our innate resourcefulness, creativity, and playfulness. Your homework will be to practice Parts Work with both Protector Parts and Hurt Parts with your partner.

Session 7

Parts Work offers us a very skillful way to work with Inner Critic Parts. First, we must recognize that there are at least two Parts in a critic constellation: 1) the Critical Part and 2) the Criticized Part. We typically identify with the later one. We will apply what we have been learning about unfolding Parts to learn a powerful way to shift our relationship with the Inner Critic to create more freedom to be ourselves. And, of course, you will learn how to help your clients do the same. Your homework will be to help your practice partner with their Inner Critic Part(s) and they will help you with yours. Nearly every coaching engagement requires, at one point or another, that you work skillfully with the client’s Inner Critic Parts. After practicing what you learn in this session, you will approach that work with confidence.

Session 8

Sooner or later, we all feel stuck in some fundamental way. Perhaps there is a Part of you that says, “Leave this job now before it kills you!” and another Part that says, “Do whatever it takes to keep this job. You can’t afford to be unemployed right now.” We feel stuck because we get that both Parts are right and we don’t know what to do. This constellation of Parts is called a Polarization. Polarizations produce a lot of suffering and we all have them. Parts Work excels at working with Polarization. You will learn how to help your clients defuse the tension in a polarized constellation, discover untapped innate resources, and open creative possibilities to address the complexities of life that remained hidden by the high tension and stress of Polarizations. Your homework will be to help your practice partner work through a polarized constellation that they experience. And, of course, they will help you with one of your polarized constellations.

Session 9

In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of Process Work. As Parts feel seen and they soften and melt, there is more flow of life process within us. You will learn how to access this flow of aliveness through bodily felt senses and imaginal felt images and how to use the understanding that arises from such felt experiences to navigate complex relationships. You will learn how to help your clients contact such feelings, be with them from Presence, and access their meaning. You will learn a way to start a coaching conversation without an issue and how to following a thread of deepening unfoldment. Your homework will be to practice Process Work with your practice partner, shifting into Parts Work where appropriate.

Session 10

There are two more steps that we can take with Process Work. The first is learning to feel a felt sense or felt image from its own perspective. This brings a deeper level of contact with ourselves, others, and our situation. Then we can also learn how to embody, be with, and feel 2-5 felt perspectives at the same time. This ushers in a gestalt shift that drops us even deeper, often directly into Presence Work. In this Session we will introduce and demonstrate these moves and your homework, of course, will be to practice them with your partner.

Session 11

Continuing still deeper, in this session, we will distinguish Absence and Presence. We will explore how Parts exist in the mistaken identity that you are fundamentally Absence and how relating to Parts from Presence catalyzes unfoldment. We will start to distinguish Wholeness as holographic, meaning that every part expresses the whole and explore how that allows us to work with what is arising as a path to remembering our innate Wholeness. We will introduce Presence Work as a practice that will demonstrate this in your experience. We will begin to explore how Presence has many qualities such as Trust, Love, Value, Strength, Knowingness, Will, Joy, Passion, Peace, etc. (This is an introduction to what is covered more fully in Level 2.) We will introduce a new way to start a coaching conversation called “sitting in the middle of everything.” Your homework will be to support your practice partner to sit in the middle of everything and support their unfoldment through Parts Work, Process Work, and Presence Work as appropriate.

Session 12

The last session is reserved for practice, discussion, and integration. Often, we explore how Parts Work, Process Work, and Presence Work flow seamlessly and nonlinearly back and forth and how a single coaching conversation often has aspects that touch upon each style of unfolding work.

Participants in Level 1 experience profound and life-changing unfoldment for themselves, both as a human being and as a coach. They develop a more skillful way of working with anything and everything that arises in a coaching conversation or coaching relationship. They develop a nuanced and powerful understanding of what exactly catalyzes unfoldment and are more skillful is fostering the development of their clients. And, they leave living into a new horizon of possible unfoldment to be explored for years to come.

What is the cost of Level 1?

The tuition for Level 1 is $1,500 USD. A transferrable $250 USD deposit is required for registration and is due when you apply. Please contact us to request an application.

What’s next after Level 1?

Well, there is Level 2 where we practice Parts Work, Process Work, and Presence Work until the precision of your coaching is your is highly refined and your confidence as a coach is unshakeable. There will be coaching demonstrations and opportunities to coach and be coached nearly every day of the course. Level 2 is a year-long program structured around the Enneagram. We introduce and work with two Qualities of Presence for each Enneagram ego fixation. Once these Qualities have been reintegrated and embodied, fixations soften and often dissolve, unfolding a matured, healthy, individuated ego. In Level 2, we also add somatic work, including breath work, to the foundations of unfolding learned in Level 1. And, after Level 2, there is Level 3 where you will learn how to support your clients in practicing Nondual Work.