What is “Unfolding?”

There are two fundamental kinds of change: improvement and unfoldment. Mostly, our culture focuses on improving. Improvements are wonderful. However, an exclusive focus on improving obscures the profundity and power of unfolding.



We all desire improvements. We want to improve our home, our jobs, our income, our relationships, our bodies, and, most importantly, ourselves. The journey of improvement is from where we are to where we want to be. We want our life to turn out in a very particular way. And, we suffer because our life hasn’t turned out that way yet. There is a pervasive feeling of lack and deficiency. Improvement is a noble attempt to address this. And, it sometimes works for a moment.

To improve we keep our attention focused on the future. We avoid our current feelings and attach to our vision of a better tomorrow.


Unfolding is how, as living organisms, we flourish and thrive. Everything is always more than its current expression. It is as if everything is the seed out of which something more grows. Unfolding is the discovery and expression of this “more.” We are more than who we are now. This is true of all living systems and living beings. Unfolding is always an unfolding of innate wholeness into a greater revelation and expression of wholeness. And, as we unfold, we express our depth and our profound sufficiency.

To unfold we keep bringing our attention back to the present moment to sense and feel what is arising now. We inquire with curiosity and compassion into our jobs, relationships, bodies, and ourselves. And, in doing so, we discover profound treasures in each other, priceless inner resources, and boundless creativity. When applied, these discoveries can enable us to adapt to the times we are living in and act in bold ways to unfold a culture that expresses the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of humanity.

The times we are living in are challenging. What we face is calling for us to apply everything we are as human beings to address the suffering in our world.


We need both improvement and unfoldment

The approach of improvement tends to work with mechanisms that break and can be fixed or, by some measure, improved to function better. The approach of unfoldment works with living systems. Living systems aren’t mechanical, they are complex. New forms emerge from complex systems, often in ways that surprise us, delight us, and challenge us. We need both kinds of change in these times.

At ALETHEIA, we help you flourish and thrive through unfolding your life, relationships, and yourself.