"My work at Aletheia has given me a greater sense of freedom and possibility, by gently and continually unravelling physical, mental and emotional knots that are often invisible to me. The impact on my world, especially my relationships and commitments, has been lasting and meaningful." - Reva Patwardhan, Integral Coach

"Working with Steve and the Aletheia community is invaluable to me as I proceed through life. The work we do has helped me to develop into a more caring and confident human being.  Through deeper contact with my true self, I’ve found a fresh way to work with my fears that has a brought a new fullness to my life." - Liz Halton, Integral Coach

"As a life-long learner, I’ve always wanted a community to grow with. Aletheia has offered not just that, but also an amalgam of tools to bring forth my true nature in all aspects of my life. Each session I walk away with a deeper understanding of my self and less reactivity to life. Steve March is a masterful teacher who takes his vast knowledge of complex ideas and teaches them with immense clarity. I feel honored to be on this journey with such dedicated, heart-centered individuals." - Angella Okawa, LMFT and Integral Coach

"Steve March is a masterful teacher.  He embodies a way of being that supports and holds each individual and the class to be exactly where they are - creating a safe environment for people to explore the edges of their learning and personal process.  Steve is able to fold in teachings from various traditions and disciplines in a way that makes them accessible and allows each person to open to new possibilities in their own development and in their development as a coach.  I personally continue to learn so much from his patience, kindness and depth of knowledge and feel honored to have been asked to coach for this work." - Nicole Lambrou, Integral Coach

"As a professional coach, I have found in Aletheia a community of peers, as well as a rich system for understanding and effectively working with clients at all levels of depth. As a person committed to my own development, held by Steve’s compassionate mentorship, and by practicing with fellow participants, I have been able to deepen and sustain my connection to myself, my values, and to spirit itself." - Laura Malone, Integral Coach

"Aletheia starts where coach training ends, plus a whole lot more. I was looking for support, guidance and community for the personal development that I identified from coach training. Steve's seemingly endless wisdom blends philosophy, somatics and inquiry practices to provide a structure for long-term personal development. I am developing new capacity and unfolding into the essence of who I am in this school. The container that Steve creates is different than any I have ever experienced, and I highly recommend it as the foundation for your personal journey." - Pam Owens. Integral Coach

“Integral Unfoldment has allowed me to move through what may be perceived as some of the harder moments in life with greater presence and a deeper knowing of my true capacity. This work and community has been a great source of support for me. As I read the words I have written, I can say that there are no words that are sufficient to describe the importance of what Aletheia offers.” - Jenny Clevidence, Integral Coach