Coach as entrepreneur

Being a coach is analogous to being an entrepreneur. Both bring new innovations to the people they are passionate about serving that enhance quality of life. In this design workshop, participants learn crucial design practices and take the actual next steps in creating their coaching business.

Participants in Coach as Entrepreneur learn and apply nine core practices that cultivate an entrepreneurial way of being:

  1. Gathering support and taking care of myself and my ability to serve my clients

  2. Authentically unfolding and expressing who I am through building my coaching business

  3. Entering and sensing the world of the people in my market

  4. Envisioning innovative ways for clients to address their concerns

  5. Designing powerful and compelling offers that build trust

  6. Building a resonant brand - building my public identity so that Iā€™m seen as a person who is likable, credible, and trustable and a coach who generates a rare and unique kind of value for my clients

  7. Enrolling new clients through sincere and authentic selling

  8. Fulfilling my promises to clients to build my public identity of trust, brilliance, and value

  9. Pursuing mastery and artistry as a coach and as an entrepreneur

Created in 2008, Coach as Entrepreneur has been taught over 20 times to participants in the United States, Singapore, and London.

This design workshop is offered in two formats: 1) a three-day workshop taught in person and 2) an 10-week online workshop.


Contact us to request an application or to get your questions about this offer answered. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you create an awesome coaching business.