ALETHEIA Coach Training

“A coaching methodology to coaches is what paint and canvas are to artists. Powerful coaching is never a paint-by-numbers process. Like a great work of art, a great coaching conversation reveals the wonder of being who we are and our experience of ourselves, others, and the world is never the same.” — Steve March, Founder of ALETHEIA


a graduate-level training

Our coach training is the answer to the question “What’s next?” It is what’s next after graduating from your first coach certification program and wanting to add more depth, precision, and artistry to your coaching. ALETHEIA Coaching is an advanced method that integrates the latest evidence-based developmental approaches.


a developmental training

Our coach training is not just instruction in how to apply our method. Indeed, any methodology is only a means through which you express yourself as a coach and a human being, as the quote above says. During all of our trainings, you will engage the most potent practices we know for unfolding yourself and receive the support of the faculty and your peers.


an experiential training

You will receive course materials and pointers to many resources that you can explore on your own time. However, the primary way to develop yourself as a coach is through your experience of 1) being a client, 2) being a coach, and 3) watching coaching conversations. Every day of our coach training you will have all three of these experiences. Faculty will do one demo per day. And, you will have the opportunity to receive coaching from a peer, to coach a peer, and to observe a coaching conversation between two of your peers. In addition, we will practice specific meditations and somatic practices each day. Every day of our coach training affords the opportunity to develop cognitively, emotionally, somatically, relationally, spiritually, and integrally.


A worldwide community of practice

As we unfold together, we deepen our relationships with each other. We deepen trust and safety. We express our love and acceptance of each other. We appreciate each other — both our similarities and our differences. We value the uniqueness of each person. We honor the individuality of each person. And, we enjoy our time together. In our coach trainings, the opportunity to form life-long friendships, collaborations, and community is offered.